Multiple companies

Additional companies/ledgers can be added as required.

Intercompany transactions can be highlighted.

A CSV file can be produced for reporting intercompany transactions broken down by account and trading partner.

Budgets and forecasting

The solution is capable of simultaneously holding multiple annual budgets to satisfy different reporting strategies.

Forecasting can be every quarter with monthly updates.

Multi-currency support

Comprehensive multi-currency support enables you to:

  • Fix or automatically update exchange rates
  • Write-off differences
  • Hold multiple bank accounts with different currencies
  • Invoicing in multiple currencies

Asset management

Odoo provides a Fixed Asset Register (FAR), which:

  • Is linked to the general ledger
  • Produces monthly depreciation journals for each asset
  • Produces revaluation journals based on indices
  • Can capitalise assets
  • Can componentise the assets held on the FAR
  • Can classify assets by type
  • Provides a mechanism for confirming the existence and location of physical assets to individual asset records in the Fixed Asset Register
  • Can record un-finished assets as Work In Progress. Tracking all costs incurred in creating an asset over time (including links to source transactions and documents) until it is ready to be capitalised
  • Can link assets to their relevant capital project code
  • Can produce capital calculations such as depreciation, amortisation and gains or losses on disposal at a point in time
  • Can depreciate Assets from historical or future dates

A facility to reconcile the FAR to the GL is provided.