We’re a multi-disciplined team of software developers, business specialists, and project management experts, based in Rugby, UK.

Since 1999, we’ve helped organisations get the business management software they were looking for (but just couldn’t seem to find).

Delivering software projects for clients including NHS Digital, Car Shop, BCA, and many more, we create effective, impactful technology that automates the mundane and frees your people up. You can read more about our work at https://opusvl.com/case-studies.

Open source

Right from the start we've championed the use of Open Source software in business and the public sector. Open Source software is trusted by organisations worldwide - almost all of the services you use daily, from your smartphone, your car, to the companies you do business with are powered by Open Source in some way.

"At it's heart the NHS is an altruistic entity that democratises healthcare for all, and one can see these core principles mirrored in the Open Source approach to delivering technology solutions"

Patrick Highland, Finance Manager - Systems & Reporting
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Using Open Source software gives you freedom. You don’t have to compromise for having unique needs, because the software can be modified to do what you want. You aren't locked in to a single vendor, you can take the code (and your data), move to another provider or even host it yourself.

Odoo Open Source - NHS Finance Edition

We specialise in business management software, joining up people, processes, and data, with accounting built-in at the core.

Odoo Open Source - NHS Finance Edition is an NHS-focused distribution of the popular Odoo open source business management software, which is used by over 7 million people worldwide. A fully-featured accounting platform, tailored to meet the needs of NHS organisations, and completely future-proof.

Future proof

Because it's open source, we can modify your instance of the software as your needs change.

Need to add more data fields? Done. Integrate with your supplier's API? Done. Develop a complete new workflow for a new line of business? OK that may take a little longer, but ultimately there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Odoo Open Source - the last accounting system you'll ever need.